Essential Ritual Incense / Oil Blend Starter Kit

Pagan Portal

$ 20.00 


Just the right amount of the most used ritual blends, infused in just the right way and put together as a bundle to save you time and money! No more large bottles of blended ritual herbs that you will never use up!  These are smaller versions of the most used ritual blends!  You will receive a 2 3/4" inches high and 3/4" diameter corked glass bottle of  Attraction, Banishment, Healing, Protection and Divination* and a bottle of jojoba oil to create your own matching ritual oil!  These herbs, plants, barks and resins were hand blended and charged by the proprietor of Pagan Portal and are ready to assist you with your spell and ritual work!  And by the way, these are Ziggy (our cat) approved!


*Now has six blends!  We have added Purification!