Spell to Lose Weight


Summer is here and many of us still need a little help! Here is a spell I wrote to help me that I would like to share. 

Additional Altar Items Needed:   Red or Yellow Candles.  Incense/Herbs of Rosemary & Dill, Crystal/Stone Hematite  

Timing:  Waning of the moon

Recite and strongly visualize your goal appearance: 

Sustenance can be a bane.  The need for food can be insane.

Knowing when you've had enough,doesn't have to be so tough.

Suppress the appetite within, shrink my body until it's thin.

Melt the fat upon my waist, hear my will, don't hesitate.

Prevent the cravings I have felt.  Eat only what I need for health.

The need for food will decrease.  Overeating shall now cease.

Small servings upon my plate, is quite enough to satiate. 

Be gone hunger!  It's you I shun!  So mote it be!  My will be done! 

Continue strongly visualizing and sending out your thoughts and energy, recite again if you feel the need.  Continue until you feel your message has been received.