Spell To Increase Psychic Ability - Clairvoyance

Perform at Full Moon

Colors - Purple,Dark Blue

Herbs - Basil, Dandelion (not all inclusive)

Stone - Citrine, Amethyst


Open windows, open doors, allows the wind to freely flow.

Open eyes, open mind, allows the visions to arrive.

If there are voices very near, open my ears, allow me to hear.

Open my spirit to communicate, with living or dead I will not hesitate.

Let me sense the things I touch, feel them, know them, see them and such.

Coming, going, present past, future glimpses here at last.

Vibrations, colors, fairies, knomes, see them feel them, bring them home.

Psychic forces, visions,let them in.

Fill me with this gift, bring to me, as I sit.