Spell Share! Banishment of Envy & Jealousy

Men compete with other men, but unfortunately women often must compete with both men and women.  This prevents women from forming the strong bond that men often share amongst themselves. Pagan Portal is my part time job, my full time job is upper management in a very male dominated field....trucking.  Which is owned and operated by men and the majority of it's employees are men.  Competition among women there is very, very strong. Because we are forced to compete, we are often overcome with envy and jealousy, which can lead to a complete lack of self confidence.  When I feel my self worth starting to wane, this the quick and easy spell I try to do once a month to remind myself that these feelings serve no purpose other than alienating myself from my sisters and resenting my brothers. 

Additional Altar Tools:  Green & Black Candle, Garlic, Emerald Point (charge all items with our intention), a sigil made of the words Envy or jealousy (or write the words on paper). 

Cast circle (optional)

Using the emerald point, carve ENVY & JEALOUSY in the black candle.  Rub the garlic on the green candle. 


"Envy you are no good, your sister Jealousy just as bad.

Your home within me you have made, I cast you out, your path is laid.

Not in my world, not in my home, go back to where you whence roamed.

No longer welcome, I shut my door - You will not affect me ever more!"

Light the candles. Throw your paper in your cauldron with charcoal with a small amount of garlic.

Focus and direct your intention until you "feel done".   All green and black candle to burn completely.

Bury remnants. 


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