What is a Pagan?

What is a Pagan?

Most of you that have found your way here know what paganism is, how it fits into your belief system and how it works with your lifestyle. This is a very brief general overview of what being a pagan is for those that have accidentally stumbled onto this website.

The word "Pagan" comes from the latin word "Paganus" which translate into "country dweller".  

Pagans believe that all things existing in the universe are connected.  We all share an energy, life force...we are all a part of the Divine.  And because of this inter-connectedness we can use our energy to communicate with other energy's and the Divine to help bring about changes or improvements we need in our life or the lives of others.  This is usually done through a ritual. We may just want to communicate to give ourselves a sense of peace and belonging or even to thank the divine and show our appreciation. 

Methods of using our energy to interact with the universe vary depending on the tradition passed on and used by the individual; but most traditions use meditation, visualization, singing, dancing in a ritual to help the mind focus and make our energy more powerful. 

Pagans also have a very high reverence to nature.  Many of their rituals are performed at holidays and celebrations that directly correspond to the changing seasons.  Early pagans, country dwellers,  relied on seasonal good weather for the survival of their livestock and crops. 

So as you can see, Pagans, which include those referred to as witches, are nothing like Hollywood's evil devil worshiping spell casters.  In fact, Pagans don't even believe in the devil.  They believe the devil was something conjured up by those that wanted to scare people into becoming Christians. 

Pagans are just a bunch of harmless nature loving people communing with the universe!

Blessed be to all the wonderful Pagans!

P.S. Would you like to learn more about Paganism?  We have a wonderful book called "Paganism - An Introduction To Earth Based Religions" that I highly recommend.  I have given this book to friends and family to help them overcome their preconceived ideas.  Just click on the Book Collection of our menu. 



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  • Eileen Jones-Stineford - May 22, 2016

    I’ve never felt accepted anywhere. I was raised in a ‘semi-catholic’,or, better yet, ‘non-practicing’ catholic home. As a VERY young girl, I practiced/tried/faked catechism. As a young ‘adult’ I practiced/tried/faked Christianity….THE ABSOLUTE ENTIRE TIME knowing I didn’t fit there…anywhere…paganism IS my ‘fit’. I know it, my GUT knows it and, ya’ll KNOW it. I feel honored, to be home and accepted…thank you and, Blessed Be..

  • Wolf Spirit - May 15, 2016

    What a beautiful article!!! Such a wonderful thing that this is getting out to the internet as a definition thats accurate! Blessed be all and hope you have a wonderful life.

  • mary - May 12, 2016

    How do we get the book

  • dgears - April 16, 2016

    The builders of StoneHenge were pagans and now the some christians are stating that stonehenge was built by giant devils.what???

  • Pagan Portal - April 15, 2016

    The best place to start is a really good book. It wasn’t that long ago that I thought the word Pagan was a derogatory term used for “heathens” or uncouth persons. Several years ago my daughter told me she wanted to see what it was like to go to church and asked me to take her. I had no clue how to go about picking a church because I had never been exposed to religion. So I went on the internet and found online quizzes that are supposed to determine what religion your ideologies match with. I figured doing that I could figure out what church would offend me the least. I kept coming up Pagan. That’s when I decided to buy a book and the rest is history. The first book I read is one I sell online. It’s called “Paganism: An Introduction To Earth Based Religions”. It was like a revelation! I found out all my beliefs that I though were unique only to me, was a religion amoung thousands and thousands of people! I highly recommend this book, not just because I sell it. Once you read it, you will know where to go from there.

  • Laura Barnette - April 13, 2016

    I have always love the pagan way and would love to know more if someone could help me or guide me thank you

  • Mouse - April 04, 2016

    Yes,I am pagan.I live primitively. My entertainment is nature,especially the stars and meteor showers. Among some of the stuff I see in the sky at night.:)

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