Beware of scam witches!

Beware of scam witches!

Pagan Portal is a fairly new online store. But during the short time it has been online, I have been surprised by the number of heartbreaking requests from people.  There are many out there that believe they can give their hard earned money to individuals and in return that individual is going to cast a spell on their behalf to fix some problem in their life.  They have done so many times in the past, and for some reason or another the person that used to take their money can no longer be reached.  Hmmmmmm.  

When I tell these desperate people that they have been scammed, they say, "No, it worked!". If it worked, it was either coincidence or it was YOUR will and desire the universe heard, not this unknown person on the phone that had no vested interest in you other than putting your money in their bank account!  If your desire and will (your power) was heard by the universe without you doing a ritual or spell to amplify it, than you are gifted!  Think of what you are capable of if you do perform a ritual!  These people on a website or on the other end of a phone do not hold any special powers that you yourself do not possess. 

A person truly following the path would never take money from you.  If they truly felt any empathy or concern for you, they would guide you to the path so that you can help yourself.

If you already hold the belief that a ritual and spell can influence events, your almost there!  All you need to is take a few a few books.  YOU and YOUR energy, YOUR will, YOUR desire, YOUR actions will influence what happens in YOUR life.  

And when you start reading, you will notice a re-occuring statement that comes up in all books on the subject of ritual and majick. You cannot change the free will of others and you should not try.  That can not make a particular person love you.  And from what many of you have told me about the persons you are desperate to get or keep, I don't know why you would want to.  The key to finding happiness is to remove negativity from your life.  Don't fight to keep these negative people in your life!   

My email is  I have been more than happy to give guidance about what type of spell to use for a particular situation and have even shared instructions for spells from my own Book of Shadows via email.  But I am not a witch for hire and condemn those that claim to be. 

If you are one of those persons that do spells for money, do not defend yourself with posts to this blog.  It is moderated and you will not be given a platform to prey on others. 





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  • alex rivera - December 26, 2016

    Love this post.i completely agree with you.

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