Home Cleansing & Purification

Home Cleansing & Purification

There are many reasons to do a home cleansing.  We don't want negative energies, our own or others, lingering around us.  We all give off energy and that residual energy can stay for for a very long time.  Your lingering negative energy can coagulate with other already existing negative energies.  Together these energies can then intensify and affect you and those around you.  

Any time you move into a new home, you definitely want to do a home cleansing.  But there are many other times as well.   Any time there has been disharmony among members of your household, you need to cleanse your home.  If someone in your household has been depressed or angry, you need to cleanse your home.  If you had a visitor in your home, they could have brought negativity into your home.  

You clean your home on a regular basis to rid yourself of the debris you can see.  What about what you can't see? 

You will need a small bowl of white sea salt, a white candle, white sage and abalone shell (or other burner for your sage and a small bell.  Also recommended is a large smudge feather. 

After your regular routine cleaning, make sure you have access to every corner in every room including the garage.  If you are alone, set all your items on an easy to carry breakfast tray or something similar so that you can easily set everything down near the center of each room as you move around your home.

Carve a purification symbol on your candle or simply carve the word "purify".  Light your candle.  Light your sage and place in the shell and fan to make sure it is burning well. 

Begin at the left side of the front door of your home and move clockwise throughout your home and each room.  You will place a pinch of sea salt at the corner of each door, the corner of each window and the corner of each room.  

After you have placed a pinch of salt in each corner of a room, pick up your sage and walk the perimeter of your room, again in a clockwise direction, and fan your sage.  As you do so, recite your version of "Negativity be gone!  Only the positive may remain!" 

Next stand in the middle of the room and say, "Blessed be this special place...Blessed be this Sacred Space."  Ring the bell.  Move on to the next room.

Get started right away with our complete Home Cleansing and Purification kit!  You can find it by going our main page and clicking on "other ritual items" in our collections menu located on the left side of our home page.

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Our kit also contains black sea salt to banish entities or energies in your home.  Just use in place of the white sea salt and follow the same instructions as above except move in a COUNTER-clockwise direction. 

Blessed be to you AND your space! 









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